Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I sort of have an idea on how my house should look like. Like finally. Going for something minimalist but I am not sure if I can pull off that concept for the house myself since I am leaning towards getting a contractor instead of interior designer for now (hoping to keep the reno within budget with a baby on the way and not get a loan, that's why). So I have to do the designing and planning myself instead of getting professional help. :/ I was thinking of something Scandinavian. Thus, the blog title haha.

If you realise, they're mostly white and I don't want too much white cause it's hard to maintain white. So I am not going to be so anal about it being 100% Scandinavian. I will add some wooden features and colours here and there and won't just stick to white. Maybe something like these?

I like brighter living rooms to make it look spacious but prefer cosy rooms so maybe the rooms will be slightly darker but not too dark cause I get rimas in dark rooms haha. Will probably change some whites to light grey or lighter shades of colours. Yeah end up it won't have the Scandinavian look anymore haha. But like I said, it doesn't have to be totally Scandinavian. It's just a rough guide for me. I think over the years my Scandinavian-ish theme will end up totally different. Oh and baby's room will be colourful too. :D

Not much progress on the renovation research and we've not gotten our keys yet anyway, but we've signed up with a company for our flooring so that we can take advantage of the cheaper price they're having now. After the meeting with the flooring guy, I now know the differences between laminates, tiles, parquet etc.

By the way if you have any good contractors to recommend, or maybe interior designer who's not so pricey, let me know please!


  1. Lol coincidentally I have almost all of the photos above, pinned on my pinterest. Really!

    1. No way! We have the same taste in interior design too (besides bags, I always agree to your choices of bags haha)!

    2. Haha I know righttttt! I wanted to recommend you my contractor, Joo Guan Huat.. but their office probably too far for you? at Jurong Tradehub21.

    3. I don't mind if they're good. I assume they are? Will check them out when the time comes. Thank you. :)