Monday, May 19, 2014

Small Bump

I'm already at 20 weeks now. I went for my check up at 18 weeks knowing that I may (or may not) know my baby's gender. I was looking forward to the check up cause people were saying we might be able to know baby's gender as early as 16 weeks. After we did the necessary stuff at the counter, we took our seats and waited for our turn. Then a nurse came asking whether we wanted to know baby's gender during the checkup, but, at $80 charge cause it's a separate scan (or something like that???). I was contemplating because if I waited a month later for the next check up, I would be able to do the scan for free cause it's in the package which will start at 22 weeks. That $80 can pay for other things right.

So I asked Zai. His answer: a resounding yes. Okaay. Few minutes later the nurse came back and said the price was actually revised to $150 (or was it $115) a few days back. -.- But Zai still said yes, he didn't mind paying. I was still contemplating but was excited to know the gender as well.

I think the gynae saw that Zai was excited to know the gender but I was not willing to spend $150 ( or $115) when I can know the gender more accurately during the next check up for free. So the gynae just told us the gender anyway without charging us, I think. Because total bill including consultation and scan on that day was just 80 plus bucks. Yay. But, she told us to wait for the next check up to double confirm haha.

Boy or girl?

I realised I have a lot of things to buy for the baby and the house. :/ I should start surveying prices of prams and refrigerators etc but Zai doesn't see the need to survey for electrical appliances now since we haven't gotten our keys. I disagree cause I prefer to survey now and buy later than to survey and buy later cause it'll be rushing. He's more interested in the prams hah. Maybe to him it's like buying  a car you know. Cannot buy car now, buy pram. -.- I don't intend to spend much on a pram but it seems like he doesn't mind spending on that. 

Many have commented that my bump is small for a 5 month pregnant woman. I am not offended just, worried. Could it be there's something wrong with my baby? :/ Though I do feel a little affected when people say I look fat and haggard but I try to dismiss off such things cause some other people do say I look glowy and slim for a pregnant woman hahaha they say, not I say. I don't mind that much la cause I am putting on weight anyway and I must admit, my hair now is in such a mess (which makes me look haggard even though I put on make up every day) cause I try not to do any chemical treatment to them hair. :/ 

Oh and we just booked our hotel for Bangkok. They're having riots now? I'm hoping it'll be safe by the time I go next month. I am already looking forward to the food!!! More than the shopping. :D


  1. wheee dah tau gender eh!!! heheheh!

    anyway, dont worry so much abt the size of your bump, i also had the same worries. as long as the baby is growing healthily, the size of the bump doesn't reflect health of child u know! hehehe!

    nanti 3rd trimester dia mesti tertimbul tiba-tiba, even you will terperanjat when you cannot see your toes suddenly! hehehe!

    1. Haha da tau but need to double confirm je in another's appointment! Heheh. I paranoid la! My colleague only one week difference from me but her bump is like double or thrice my size. Can't help but to compare. :/ Recently baru timbul but tu pon under certain outfits not obvious haha. Thanks for the reassurance mummy to be! :D