Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Simple Will Do

I think I need to start making a list of things to buy for the home. I'll do the list soon, maybe next entry. And the list of things to buy for baby too. Speaking of which, as of right now, I think I am more involved in the home reno planning than the baby planning. I feel bad?! I am the one looking out for electrical appliances sale, reading up on house renovations, looking out for contractors or interior designers, and so on. Zai on the other hand, is more involved in the baby planning! Surprise, surprise. I think we got our roles switched. Haha. He's the one looking out for sales on baby stuff, reading reviews on breast pumps (I know right?!), watching videos on baby prams, asking around for good baby brands and more.

I just want to get the home reno planning done and over with. Then I can focus on the baby cause I doubt I have energy for home reno when I reach the third trimester. I dragged Zai to a few places to check out the home appliances. I'm not fussy, so whatever that looks okay and is not of bad quality, works for me. I don't need anything with the latest technology. Not a gadget, machine kinda person.

I know my posts are getting boring and no pictures lately so here are some pictures of Zai's cutie nephew when we went to Rouse with his sister and sons a few weeks back. :D Oh and, Rouse's food is great, just expensive, like the usual cafe prices.

Look at his naughty hands haha.

Got him to use my shades and asked him to pose hahaha.

He looks like a girl, yes? A few strangers commented and I can't be bothered to correct them haha. Oh and with the Raya season coming, I'm loving some of the pieces from Fashion Valet (like the two below) but sadly I don't think I can wear them for now.

Actually kinda boring and plain looking la but I have a thing for simple and nice things which is how I envision my home reno to be too. So I won't have to spend a lot on it also la. Shortlisted a few contractors/ID but haven't met any of them yet. Hoping the reno will be within budget.

On a different note, I keep feeling something in my tummy and I think those are baby kicks! Going for next check up in a few days time to double confirm baby's gender. And window shop for appliances again. Wee~! A weekday off for Zai and I! 


  1. eh the baju kurungs from my brother line, AY. hehe. support laaa, beli ;)

    1. Your brother is the designer behind Adrianna Yariqa?! No kidding! Lawa! :D

    2. No! HAHAHA. my brother is the owner, the designer is his wife. hehe.

    3. Ohhhh hahah that's nice to know.. They have nice designs!