Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Okay, no time to blog nowadays because my baby is like the boss now and controls my time. :/ Right now my mom is home so I get some free time to myself. So many things to talk about like my breastfeeding journey and our home! Maybe I'll just post photos of our home once I'm done putting up the little decor stuff I bought (and keep buying).

Let me do this questionnaire by Ezdi first k? :P

What made you start traveling?

I didn't travel much with my family when I was young except to places in Malaysia and neither do they allow me to travel with friends (although I have 'sneaked out'of the country a few times to somewhere near with friends for holidays without my parents knowing the truth =x). So by the time I got married, I have kept in me the feeling of longing to travel for years! Thankfully Zai loves travelling too. That made me start traveling (and I'm looking forward to more). :D

Where was your first plane ride to?

To Gold Coast Australia at the age of 12 with my primary school. Then no more till I was 24 to Bandung, Indonesia with my family and Zai.

Where have you traveled to that you would love to visit again?

I've not been to many countries but I've visited KL many times. I don't intend to visit cities that I've been to more than once cause I rather spend the money on a totally new city but if money and time are not issues then I would love to visit Amsterdam and Switzerland again.

What are 3 of your must have travel items?

Camera, phone, money.

Window, isle or middle seat?
Window cause I like to look out the window and it's cosier to be sitting inside. Unfortunately Zai feels the same but he gives in most of the time haha.

What place is on your ‘places to visit next’ list?

Probably about the same places as Ezdi! US (have not decided on any particular cities though), Italy (we wanted this for our honeymoon initially but didn't have enough time), Norway (for Auroras!), Greece and Maldives (for the beautiful scenery).

Where would you travel just for the weather?

Since Singapore is sunny all the time and I've experienced winter, I would love to go anywhere during fall and spring. Maybe Japan for the cherry blossoms in Spring.

Do you have an interesting ‘I’m lost’ story?

Got lost a few times in Europe. While looking for our hotel in Interlaken, Zurich and Amsterdam. We had to walk a whole lot with our backpacks and luggage before we found the hotels. I won't say they're interesting though.

Where would you travel to just to eat the food?

KL for the halal food everywhere and Thailand for the yummy Tom Yum!

Is there a place you would never go again?

I can't think of any right now since all the places I went are pretty decent. 

If you could take one person with you to travel who would it be?

Zai! We have about the same taste and can agree on most things when it comes to travelling. And we complement each other such that he's the alert one and I'm the blur one (at times) so he will always ask me to zip my bag, check my belongings, pay attention whenever we travel. He's also the spontaneous one and I'm the planner so I will plan everything (like hotels and flights) before the trip and he will be the one looking at the map and deciding how to go to places during the trip.

How do you pass the time on the airplane?

Watch movies or sleep. :D

Are there other people whom you think would do this?

Not sure if anyone is still reading this but if you're reading this you're welcome to do this and let me know! So I can read. :D

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