Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I have a few drafts on the reno and my motherhood journey not published. But here I am composing a new post because my reno story basi ready la. As you can tell, I have no time to blog now that I have a baby already. SO many things have been happening but I'll just show some pictures on the home and some pictures of Maliq for today.

Some photos of our home which you probably have seen before if you're on my Instagram or Facebook but I'll probably talk more about them here.

I actually got the rocking chair online without even trying it out or seeing it live. I'm that lazy hahaha. But I was elated when I found out this Eames inspired chair have the cushioned version, in grey to match my sofa. :D I am thinking of buying a mini version for baby's room. But please discourage me from spending on baby again. He can't even sit yet! :/

I'm not a plants kinda person but I got attracted to some vases and cute plants that I got some pots and plants to put around the home. They are all easy to maintain! I water them like once every two or three days only, sometimes I forgot to water for 4 or 5 days straight. So far they're still alive. Though the flowers are dead la cause cut flowers cannot last long anyway. I try to buy fresh flowers every few weeks. 

I got the clock when I went to Phuket during my maternity leave. In the home ware section in a department store. I can only purchase it only if I spend a certain amount in the shopping centre, which I thankfully did before that. :D I got it at less than $20! I love the rose gold metal. Heh.

I actually got both the poster and banner customised and I love the outcome of both! I wanted to hang more posters around the house but Zai was giving me this 'no way' look. 

The latest addition in Maliq's room. The hexagonal shelves. The blue one was actually pink but I painted it over. My family and Zai think that the pink looks okay in a boy's room but I still prefer blue.

And here are some photos of our Phuket trip! Bringing a 3 month old baby was quite scary but we survived! 
We got a pool access room so that Maliq can have his first swim conveniently haha. All's great with the hotel just that there were some mozzies but we were prepared and got some mosquitoes patch for Maliq before the trip.

His first ever swim! He cried as soon as he entered the water cause it was so cold. Then he got used to the temperature. I won't say he loves swimming but I won't say he hates it either. 

He gave that face because we were at this makan stall for dinner and the food blender gave him a shock. Hahaha.

We rented the car to go around Phuket which was the best thing to do! Cause we got to go to many beaches and not only Patong beach, and I can express milk and change Maliq's diaper in the car without having to look for any nursing room (which was nowhere to be found).

Half naked Maliq. Lol.

I love Thai food! Their so-so Tom Yum and fried rice were good enough for me.

The view from one of the many viewpoints there and that was one of the beaches we went.

At one of the cafe. It was nice, just not halal so we just got drinks instead. We wanted to just rest in an aircon place after walking at the flea market.

This beach was where Zai spotted a naked Ang Moh lady suntanning. 

Sunset on top of a hill.

Happy Maliq at Phuket's airport.

Curious Maliq in the plane. No he didn't get his own seat. That was Zai's seat. 

Overall, Phuket was super hot when we went. I don't know how the Mat Sallehs can just lie on the beach under the hot sun. Things are not as cheap as Bangkok I feel. Other than the beaches and markets, there were nothing much for us to do since we were not interested on their nightlife activities. Halal food easily available. Somehow I wished we went to Krabi instead since Ezdi mentioned somewhere that Krabi was nicer. :/

Travelling with a newborn was bearable surprisingly. I think because they sleep more at this age than when they become toddlers and know how to throw tantrums. Only downside was we had to bring so many things including his steriliser and bottler warmer. Lots of diapers too. So our luggage for that 5 days trip looks like our luggage when we went to Europe for 21 days during our honeymoon haha. Okay maybe slightly lesser than that.

Now, where shall we go in December? I am somehow attracted to Norway because of the auroras but Zai has been wanting to go New York. But I have a feeling both won't happen because I thought of just saving the money after spending a lot on the reno and now that we have a kid to raise. And the thought of bringing a one year old with us on the trip is quite scary. But you know a winter holiday is so tempting so we'll see how. 


  1. Haha though I prefer Krabi, I think many would prefer Phuket cos there are actually more things to see and do in Phuket! Krabi is just less crowded and more laidback and I like that halal food is even easier to find.
    Anyway loove the little touches to your home!

    1. Yeah I heard Krabi is more laidback and I do find Phuket crowded. :/ Hoping to go Krabi one day then I can really compare. :D