Thursday, June 4, 2015

Down the Drain

So sad now that I have to pump and dump 2 weeks worth of milk. Haish. Maliq fell sick 2 weeks ago with a fever of 40 degrees. Almost brought him to the hospital but we brought him to the pediatrician twice instead. Then he developed sore throat, cough, blocked nose and runny nose. He was in so much pain that I was telling Zai and others that I wish I could take his pain away.

Then my wish came true. I fell sick. So sick that the doctor at the clinic I went to scolded me for not taking care of my health sooner and wanted me to go A&E. The doctor told me right in the face that I was very stubborn and that if I refuse to take the medicines he prescribed, he will probably expect to see me in the hospital dying. I know, so blunt right. Hah.

Everything that Maliq had, I got but worse. I had no choice but to take the medicines and anti-biotics. I asked for nursing friendly meds of course but he refused to give me, saying I needed something stronger. He told me not to nurse Maliq for two weeks and with a heavy heart, I have been pumping and dumping my milk. Still ongoing now. A week and a half more to go. :( Maliq is also on formula for his night feeds now. Soon he will have to be on formula whole day and night when my stash runs out. Thankfully he can accept formula easily.

Then I realised I should increase his stash of frozen milk for instances like this. All along I will freeze only a few days worth of milk for him and will use the rest for his milk bath. I just don't have the space to store more of his milk. Although I ever thought of getting a freezer just for his milk, Zai didn't think we really need it so I dropped the idea after thinking that we don't have space for a freezer anyway. I guess after this I have to slowly build up his stash of milk from scratch again. Hoping my supply won't drop so much because of the meds. 

Sick Maliq. 
(Ya still got time to take his photo before wiping his mucus away.)

But we're both recovering now! Not fully well but much better than before. And, we're heading to KL in about two more weeks! A mini getaway to look forward to although, it'll be during the Ramadhan so what's the point of going KL right?! But because of SEA Games Zai couldn't take leave any time before the fasting month starts and I promised to visit my grandparents and relatives there. Lesser time to eat all the glorious food but it's okay, we'll just go ahead.