Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hi After So Long

Haven't been here lately because when I'm free to blog, I'll be online shopping for baby or the house instead. If I'm not doing that, I'll be looking for inspirations to decorate the home (which includes Maliq's room). I love looking at the Instagrams of beautiful homes and pretty kids' rooms. Very bad for my pockets though but it's a good kinda retail therapy for me.

Got our photo at Stonehenge printed on a stone. I love the outcome!

Displayed it on this shadowbox or hanging shelf. This shelf looked so much better than before.

Every time I bring Maliq to his reading corner, he will smile widely. I don't know why! It doesn't mean that he loves reading right?! Maybe he just loves looking at colourful books.

Can you spot him?

Maliq's first raya was okay. He behaved quite well I must say. Then he started teething shortly after that and just wasn't quite his happy self anymore. I'm hoping this teething phase will be over soon. And I really hope he won't be teething during our December trip, please not!

My cheeky boy.

Speaking of the trip, we have not done the following:
1) Book our accommodation for Athens.
2) Book our accommodation for Dubai.
3) Book flight tickets from Athens to Santorini.

Still don't know if we should book a hotel or an apartment for Athens, you think? I don't mind a hotel but I'm afraid I have to cook baby's food. I'm scared that he won't eat their kinda food and besides, their food are mostly not halal. How? :/

And as much as I am looking forward to the trip, I have my worry days as well. Worried that it's not a great time to visit Greece, what more with a baby in tow. And worried that Maliq will be screaming his head off during the flight. At 3 months, he was a well behaved baby on the plane, he didn't really cry. At 8 months, he started to be restless on the plane. He just wouldn't sit still for long. Right now at 10 months, he's at the stage where he can't even sit still for an entire car ride to anywhere.

Now imagine an 8-hour or more plane ride with a 14 month old baby. Doesn't help that colleagues who went on the plane with their 1 year olds actually shared with me how tiring it can be walking up and down the isles of the plane for 8 hours. But I hope all that will be worth it after we set foot on Santorini!

Moving on, we brought Maliq to Cool de Sac at Suntec over the weekend I think he was one of the youngest to be playing there.


I'm still pumping and feeding him breast milk. Not sure till when will I be pumping but my target for now is 1 year. I've been feeding him fish and vege porridge too nowadays. He is not a big eater, in fact he does't really like to eat (seriously baby, my cooking of baby food cannot be that bad right?!). 

This is getting too long. I'll end off with one of his latest smiley picture. Till the next update, which I hope will be soon! :)


  1. i also think they are the best to travel with before they turn 6mths! Nadya was ok during the recent flight but i don't know how nanti dia nak survive a 6hr plane ride when she's 1yr old nanti.

    1. Oh yes! Haha later we update each other on how we manage to survive the flights nanti eh! Haha.