Monday, August 31, 2015

My Baby the Swimmer - Not

Baby has developed the fear of swimming. I don't know how, why, when it happened but yesterday when we decided to bring him for a swim after such a long time, we realised that he is now afraid of water. He was crying the whole time and towards the end he decided that he would only stand and do nothing else in the water. We couldn't even get him to float with his float on. His feet must be on the ground.

Then I started to wonder is it because we didn't bring him to swim for very long because he wasn't like this the last few times we brought him to swim. Thought of getting him that thermal swimsuit where he won't be shivering cold while swimming but I don't think it's just the temperature of the water because like I said, he was okay with the cold waters in the swimming pool the last time we brought him to swim. And even if we put him in a tub of warm water at home, he would cry. Tried and tested, hah.

Now the plan is to bring him to the swimming pool every weekend that we're not in JB. I hope we really follow the plan la cause I really don't want my baby to be so scared of the water when the father is a swimmer leh (not a national swimmer la but working in the coast guard requires him to be able to swim a bit la at least) hahah. And to think that we were considering of enrolling him in swimming classes. Now if he goes he'll just scream the whole time. Maybe we should just do it eh? Let the instructor handle him. But I also feel that we should be the first ones who would let him feel comfortable in the water before anyone else. Okay la too long winded of an entry on just my baby being afraid of the water. :/

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