Wednesday, September 23, 2015

1 Year Soon

Baby's turning one year old soon which means, I am currently preparing his mini birthday celebration! Nothing much to prepare, really. Since it'll just be a small one. At first I thought of just inviting our immediate families (our parents + siblings only) and our common friends to our place for a makan session and a small cake cutting thingy. Then somehow we ended up with a bit more people. A few relatives and some more friends. Still we won't go beyond 50 pax.

It will be a small gathering, nothing fancy but looking forward to decorating the house for this little celebration. I think I am mostly excited over his cake and desserts I've ordered. Priorities all wrong haha. I just cannot help it when the cakes and desserts look oh so pretty and yummy! I am left with a few more things to buy and a few more things to do but most of which is just decorating our place the night before the day. And also a few more things I got for that day, still waiting to arrive in the mail.

Just last year I was all nervous about his arrival and right now, I am already busy preparing his first birthday. Seeing him grow so much within a year is a bitter sweet feeling. You want them to grow well and happy but at the same time you don't want them to grow so fast because you know you'll miss so many things that you can only do with them while they are still babies and toddlers but not when they're older. Ho well.

Anyway this also means that Zai and I have been in the parenthood business for almost a year now. I don't always say this but I seldom give credit to Zai for helping me so much with Maliq, of course my mother too since she's the main care taker. Sometimes I feel that I don't do enough for Maliq. In fact Maliq cried more when Zai or my parents and sisters left him than when I left him. If I were to really count how many times he cried when I left him, I say that I rank below Zai, my parents and maybe even my siblings. Worse, a few times he cried when some banglas from SingTel who came to our house to do up our Internet, left the house. Yes he cried for random banglas he just met. -.-

Some remarked how lucky I am that he's not too clingy to me and that he's okay with outsiders carrying him. I guess I can look at it in that way too. I can easily pass him around and have some me time. But still I make sure that every day I'll spend some time just being with him (although I am guilty of using my phone at the same time sometimes) and every night I'll be the one sleeping next to him.

Time for some photos for memories' sake!

My favourite two!

First zoo trip.


One moment he's crying.

And the next moment he's acting cool haha.

Our dinner at Krave. Mine was nice! His was not bad.

After turning the room upside down, sleep.

When's the pool not in use, we put some balls in!

#Pergh is definitely not my idea.

Lastly, half naked and buncit.


  1. Hahahahah so funny he cried for random banglas! So cute lah you maliq!

    1. And it happened not just once but a few times! People wanna kidnap him also he'll be happy I think. -.-