Monday, October 12, 2015

My First is One

His party went a-okay! I'm surprised I managed to do up the dessert table complete with a background. The DIY level in making the whole set up was manageable. If the super cannot-make-it me could actually do it, I'm pretty sure most people can do it. I did the 'buildings' background few weeks before the party and just pasted the 'windows' the night before the party. Everything else like the table set up, making of tassels, pasting of posters, blowing of alphabet balloons etc were also done the night before with my sister's help. The table cloth was really done anyhow but I didn't think anyone would bother much la.

Us clad in our Batman outfit. The blue 'mountain' design at my dining area was covered by these 'buildings'. 

Cheeky birthday boy. Here you can see a little bit of the hanging tassels which my sister helped to make.

Gotham city poster and the print on the goody bags designed by my sister! I just had to print the goody bag design on a yellow paper and pasted them on black paper bags. 

Was actually very excited I could have a cake topper customised to his name. :D

What used to have a blue mountain, copper clock, and pastel posters.


Thank you all for making Maliq happy. :)

I must give credit to By Butter Trade for the awesome desserts that my guests kept raving about. The Nutella Red Velvet, White Chocolate Mango, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Brownies and Nutella Mousse were all oh so yummy! To my colleague's friend mom, Cik Aishah for taking my last minute order and preparing the yummy food that my guests also raved about! Sedap! And I'm not trying to be bias here okay. She cooks for weddings too so if you want her contact number, let me know cause she doesn't have any online marketing to promote her business. To Farday Bakes for the pretty cake and yummy macarons and for delivering the cake and macarons last minute when I was actually supposed to collect them.

(But my dad lost his passport in JB which delayed my mom as well and required my sister to save them in JB and in the end nobody helped me collect the cake and I had no car to collect myself and Zai's cousin passed away which meant he couldn't help me collect either and he also couldn't help me prepare the house for the party and yes in the end my dad had to miss the entire party and he was pretty upset about it but ho well). 

Now I'm actually already thinking about his 2nd birthday. Huahahah!

Also, we have booked everything that we need for our trip in December! I made sure we chose the bassinet seats because I'm pretty sure we need the extra space. Quite nervous about Maliq's behaviour on the plane. Thinking of how to make him sit still for a longer period of time. He's at the stage where walking and touching everything is fun. Which I don't mind him doing but I'm pretty sure other passengers won't like it la so, I need to think of activities for him now. Bought some winter clothing for him too. Bought online so one ended up with one big and one small. Argh. Maybe need to buy some more eh.

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