Tuesday, August 1, 2017

First Post in 2017

It's been a while. Anybody happens to be reading this right now say hi please, so I won't feel like I'm talking to myself. My last post was from November last year. That was 8 months ago. Wow, so much had happened since then. Work and family took too much of my time, not that I am complaining (well sometimes I do complain when things get a little too overwhelming). Anyway, suddenly I feel like sharing things here so here I am typing away. Let me talk about a few things today.

1. Being a Mom of 2 Boys
Before our second baby (Maqil, please don't be confuse with my first born, Maliq, haha) was born, I mentally prepared myself to wake up at least 3 times in the middle of the night, every night, to a baby crying for milk and to put up with a wailing baby every time he is being left alone for longer than hmm, 5 seconds? Things which happened when Maliq was a baby. Haha. Surprisingly though, Maqil slept through the night right from the start. I know every baby is different and I shouldn't compare the two but yup, I just did. Hahaha. It was really a pleasant surprise for us as their parents. Maliq was relatively easy to care for as he gets older cause he was not clingy at all and not afraid of anyone so I could just pass him to anybody while I rest or did my work, but Maqil was easier. He could stay in the cot for very long just minding his own business. Ask me again next year and I'll update you how being a Mom of two toddler boys will be like. The thought is already scaring me.

2. Temporary Househusband
Zai went for a knee surgery back in April. It's August now and he is still on medical leave, probably longer than my maternity leave (he'll start work next week, finally). Initially I was super exhausted caring for a baby, a toddler and a man who couldn't even walk, so it was as good as caring for another baby. Although my mom looked after the boys while I was working, but as soon as I reached home from work, I had to do almost everything as I try not to tire her. That was quite a madness until he started walking normally again two months later which was in June. So from June till now in August I have extra hands to help me at home. I got him to do some housework, oversee Maliq's school stuff, make baby's food and more heheh. We really got to spend more time as a family and I really enjoyed the little extra time I got, to rest when I reached home. But he can't be a househusband forever la unless he goes for another knee surgery which I hope he doesn't have to. So it's back to work for him next week which means lesser rest time for me and lesser play time and outings for the boys.

3. Year End Holiday
For a long time I avoided talking about this openly because I know people will give me the "WHAT?!" look and I really don't feel like facing that. After much research and contemplation, we decided to go to Scandinavia/Nordic region for our winter holiday. Specifically Norway and Sweden. Yes during winter in December with my toddlers. I can already imagine all of you going "WHAT?!". I don't know if leaving them behind is selfish or bringing them is selfish, but either way, people will still say we're selfish I guess.

So my plan is:
- To really, really dress them warmly. I'm not taking any chances here. I'm really investing in quality winter wear for them even for gloves and scarves (which cost a bomb, my heart ached each time I buy a winter wear, which they will probably outgrow by the next winter).

- To limit going outdoors for too long. Which means our accommodation has to be near the train station. We'll go on one or two outdoor activities but I'll stay on the heated bus or boat if I know that they can't stand the cold. Not going on those dog sledding or snow mobile thingy.

- I also checked and confirmed that the activities that I'm going are safe for toddlers.

- Apart from the stroller, we plan to baby wear Maqil and recently Zai bought the Deuter backpack for him to carry while Maliq sits at the back so hopefully it'll keep them warmer against our bodies. They both perspire easily but we're talking about below zero temperatures here.

- I also plan to keep our days short while we're there since the day light hours are also shorter anyway. I don't want to be too ambitious by planning so many things to do in a day.

I'll be lying if I say that I am not worried about the trip. It'll be Maqil's first long flight. It'll be our first time handling two toddlers on a long flight. It'll be super cold. But after much research and talking to those who ever brought their toddlers there before, I just felt that we can do this. We may face some difficulties along the way but I hope we will enjoy the trip nonetheless. I must admit that when I expressed my interest in going there with the two boys and when some discouraged me, I just felt like giving up the idea. I get their concerns but in the end I don't know why I was still so stubborn to book the trip. Now that I booked the trip, I'm quite reluctant to share this with anyone in case they'll judge me and make me feel like cancelling the trip though I know that I won't.

But I'm sharing it here cause I know not many reads this and those few who read this, I trust that you guys are nice people. I promise to really keep them warm and their safety will be our priority. The last thing I want is for anything bad to happen to them.

Also, this might be our last long distance travel for the next few years because priorities. Hah. With Maqil going to school next two years, and now that we have a car, I think we should cut back on our holidays a bit. Raising two school-going children who are taking the school bus will increase our expenses by quite a lot. What more bringing two kids on a plane after they turned two, no more cheap air fares. :( So yeap, really taking advantage of the discounted air fares before Maqil turns two. Other than the worries, we're pretty excited for the trip! :)

Speaking of trips my sister will be in Italy next week and I am so tempted to ask her to get me something. But I just don't know if I should?! Since I am already spending on the year end trip maybe I should just save the money, yes? But it's Italy! Where leather goods are cheaper than here in Singapore. But then again, I bought two tote bags from Gucci and YSL within the last 8 months so...

Maybe I should just save or get something small eh? :P (Why do I even need two tote bags? But never mind. Oh yeah I remember now. One was on sale at Johor Premium Outlet and the other one was on impulse which thankfully I have no regrets yet so far. :P) 


  1. Hello! I'm still here!
    Wah I think you're very brave to bring to norway/sweden, but I'm speaking more in admiration than judgement hahaha. I'm sure you guys will be ok, just roll with it! It's one of my dream destinations. But yeah I was just telling my husband that we cut down further on travelling if we plan to have another kid, considering the cost of school and the cost of travelling for family of 3 or 4.

    I didn't know JPO has YSL/Gucci!

    1. I think this is not brave but maybe more of crazy??? Hahaha. Yeah, school fees plus school bus is expensive especially when you have more than 1 kid. Travelling after they turn 2 is also expensiveee. :(

      JPO has Gucci! But not YSL I think? I got the YSL tote in Singapore. Heheh.

  2. I'm still here too! *waves*

    Don't worry about judgment from others, as long as you and your husband are ok with the idea & can manage the boys, insya Allah everything will be a-ok. Take everything in your stride. Have fun planning & look forward to your updates on the trip!

    1. Such encouraging words! Thank you Farna! Will try to update as and when I can. :D