Monday, April 8, 2013


So yesterday we met for Korean lunch at HotPot and we had my all time favourite sticky chewy chocolate ice-cream after that! His favourite food is Japanese la and I love Italian food! But yesterday we felt like eating hotpot. Hot until I burnt my tongue and needed ice-cream after that (and I was also craving for ice-cream). :/

We usually only meet once a week on average plus minus, especially now that we need to save more. At times we use our dates to run errands. We try not to meet during weekdays because I am super tired from work I just want to go home and sleep. Haha. We try to keep our dates during the weekends, that is if he's having off days cause he works on shifts.

So the main purpose of meeting yesterday was to collect his ring. Remember that his ring size was out of stock so they needed to source or order it? Because it is platinum, the sizes are very limited cause people rather buy gold, cheaper and has more value, especially yellow gold. I got mine in white gold to which his Dad and my Mom both said I should get in yellow gold instead so that when we're desperate for money one day, we can pawn it. -.-

Anyway, I heard mixed views on whether Muslim men can wear white gold. We decided to ask our parents and to be on the safe side, we decided not to get white gold. So what other choices we have then? Silver, stainless steel, titanium, platinum and palladium? We ruled out silver because they tarnish easily. Not sure about stainless steel, but stainless steel is not really 'special' for a wedding band. And, I wanted to get him something more than just silver and stainless steel. Most wedding bands I shortlisted didn't come in Titanium. And I want matching wedding bands. Palladium is also not common, I haven't heard of any place that sells.

Okay back to the story, I really sidetracked too far. After much searching we shortlisted four jewelers and finally found the rings that we like and satisfy our criteria.

1. Must be matching.
2. Must come in platinum for his.

I will talk about the four jewelers in another entry k!

Yesterday we were happy to collect his ring in the correct size before the price increase until...

The ring that he chose, which was size 57, was too big for him. *Whaaat?!*. And there were no more smaller sizes. No more 56 and 55. How can his finger slim down in one week?! To wait for another ring to come will cause a price increase of $170. So I kept asking him to make sure if size 57 was really too big when just last week it was just nice. I think he put it on 50 times and confirmed that was not his size. -.-

So what now? To order and add a metal plate so the ring will be smaller? The metal plate will be free but it is in white gold and might damage the surface of his ring. Or to order a new size and pay the $170 more?

While discussing he asked for size 54 which was three sizes smaller than the actual one he wanted. We really thought three sizes difference is too much, but surprisingly! It FITS LIKE A GLOVE! In this case, fits like a ring haha. I was skeptical and worried that size 54 will be too small for him at certain time of the day when our body temperature rises and affect the size of our fingers. But he is confident it will fit him and he rather have tight ring than a ring that will slip off his finger. So settled! We got the ring at size 54, instead of the original 57 we asked for.

He also claimed that can lose weight easily and will maintain his finger size and not to grow fat. :/ Just a background info on him, he lost 20kg in 3 months last year and has been maintaining since then, so I hope his fingers don't grow any fatter.

Because to resize will cost us 60% of the price of the ring. Unlike plain wedding bands, our rings have some simple patterns on it which they can't just cut and put back together again.

Another issue is engraving. I told him I want to engrave the ring because I want to personalise our rings and don't want it to look like all the other rings that the store has. He disagreed and said he doesn't want his to be engraved. I was so sad okay. Until he gave in and said we can have the rings engraved! Wee~!

So what do we engrave? I don't want to put the typical name and date. So I asked him, should we engrave ILY or ILYF? Hahah but that is so unlike us. We came to a conclusion that the one phrase we always say to each other is YDLMA. Which is, you don't love me anymore. Hahaha. We always say that to blackmail each other but we can't possibly engrave that on the ring right. He suggested YNWA. You'll never walk alone, Liverpool's slogan or anthem or whatever. -.-

So in the end we just put our wedding date and each other's name. Only dates if no space for names. Boring! Haha.

Super long winded and no pictures! =X

Okay nah one picture of us yesterday at the jeweler with our matchy shoes.
Haha! Irritating not.

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