Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Your Kind of Honeymoon

I am actually looking forward to the honeymoon slightly more than the wedding itself. And honeymoon is the only topic that Zai and I can talk about for more than 10 minutes when it comes to the wedding. I don't travel anywhere far with my family, the furthest was to Bandung last year. Or else we just frequent anywhere in Malaysia or just KL cause that is where my Mom's side of the family lives. Neither do I get the chance to travel with friends much, except to KL and Batam for a few times. My furthest destination so far was to Gold Coast with school when I was in P6. And I drive to JB on a daily basis but I'm sure that doesn't count haha.

So, all along I have this urge to see new places. So curious how some places really look like in real life cause they look so beautiful in pictures, I just had to see for myself. I framed up a big (about A2 size) picture of Eiffel Tower in my room, above my bed. I even shipped in the poster internationally because I couldn't find a decent picture of Eiffel locally. All because a stranger once said to me, if you really want something, put the picture up in your room where you can see it every day. So that was what I did. And yes I really want to see Eiffel Tower among many other places.

When Zai and I first  talked about honeymoon, I came up with the two places I reeeaaaalllyy want to see badly, putting aside the fact that it can be expensive.

1. Eiffel Tower

2. Maldives

They are two very common but also very different destinations altogether. But we need to choose one! Either we backpack and explore or we lay back and relax. If only we can do both! Most couples fall into either one of the two types of honeymoon destinations. Some of us prefer to walk around and see while some prefer to slack and enjoy the view. Of course there are cheaper alternatives to the above two destinations. So many places to explore in our Southeast Asia region itself and so many nice islands and beach resorts in our neighbouring countries that I would love to go myself.

We're leaning towards the exploring kind of honeymoon though. We thought that we can do beach holidays when we're married, older and lazier. When we just want to take a break from our hectic lives. Right now, since we don't have kids (I pray for a few one fine day) and much commitments yet, it is convenient to explore and see new places without dragging the kids along. It is also cheaper to travel without kids and you don't have to slot in kids kind of places in the itinerary. I'm not saying it's not a good idea to bring kids for some exploration and sightseeing. But from what I heard, kids themselves prefer the beaches to buildings and sightseeing places. Plus, they get cranky if the weather is bad. Those are just our opinions. And if we want to explore more of the world in many years to come, we have to eventually bring the kids along some day, anyway. Who knows it might be even more fun with them along.

But nothing is confirmed yet. We're planning to only book our flights four months before the wedding. Let's see if our budget allows anything like backpacking through Europe if not, road tripping in US would be okay too. Quite ambitious considering how much we're spending on the wedding!

Next thing is, to go with tour or free and easy? Tour package is a lot more convenient, not much research needs to be done. The only downside is, you will go with a bunch of other people. Planning for the wedding can be quite hectic so a tour package saves you the hassle of researching and booking everything by yourself. But like I mentioned before, Zai and I are looking forward to exploring the cities, so free and easy appeals more to us. Still some time before we decide on this.

Another thing to consider is, when to go for honeymoon. That night itself, the next day, a few days to a week later? Or months later after you've saved more? And for some people they can only go months later due to work commitments.

I'll probably go a few days later. I just cannot bear to leave everybody and everything behind on that night itself or the next day. Haha. And knowing me, I always pack last minute. I'm very sure my bag won't be packed yet. I will feel bad leaving so soon while my family members are still feeling exhausted from the wedding. So I will go a few days later I guess. Settle everything, thank everyone, pack bags and then travel for that week or two! Can't wait to decide on the destination, whether near or far, and start looking for accomodations etc.


  1. omg i'm having rambang mata problems because of the same thing! my family has never really travelled anywhere else beyond malaysia and indonesia, and only once to gold coast (itu pun only three years back)

    torn between eastern europe and maldives because of the reasons you stated too, although we never really thought about the "dragging children around for exploration and sightseeing" part :/

    we've always assumed that we'll travel to these two destinations and get them out of the way first before we even consider trying for children. maybe that's something we should think about, *just in case* eh...

    1. Ya! My parents are not really the traveling type and they rather spend the money elsewhere than bringing us and paying for our holidays haha. If only money is not an issue, we can go a few countries at one go without being bankrupt after that. I can already think of a some places to go right now, but can only choose one. :/

      Europe and Maldives are so beautiful kannn.. We always see in pictures nak jugak see in real life. Haha. Some couples travel first before settling down with kids, but who knows, *just in case*, haha. But traveling with kids, especially to Europe is quite difficult (weather, places may not be to their liking), not to mention expensive! And sometimes they won't even remember anything. Unless you wait like 10 years for them to grow older a bit, then maybe they will appreciate Europe haha.

      And I'm quite paranoid. Scared I plan for kids end up really cannot have. =x Update tau where you end up choosing! Hehe.

  2. Between free and easy and tour package, i'll definitely opt for free and easy. Macam menyemak like that if we were to follow guide. Plus, who knows u might end up at nice places that arent 'touristy'? Usually these travel agents will bring to places where if they can profit from commisssion (i know cos i work as TA jugak hehe). Plus it's always much more memorable if youre lost in a new country with ur new hubby! Memory for life tu hehee

    I'm leaving for mine 2 days after my wedding! Actually wanted the very next day jugak but my tunang complained cakap tak leh bangun in time for the flight so I gave in. To me, the earlier the better so our relatives tak leh kecoh2 to us about the wedding hehe!

    1. I know right! Honeymoon but got to spend with a bunch of strangers macam a bit boring ah haha. And no freedom to look at non-touristy area too! Even the timing and places also restricted. I'm not surprise about the commission part. I don't mind getting lost either. Adventure sey haha. But some people prefer to be on the safe side so they go with tour.

      Haha pandai you try to escape eh! Didn't even think of escaping from all the kecoh2. Kalau kecoh2 in a good way okay jugak. To me the very next day like rushing. Two days later is just nice I think. :)

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