Friday, April 5, 2013

How he proposed?

I've been super busy at work, multi-tasking everything. I cleared some stuff out of the way and left with the easier things to do. Since I only started blogging halfway through the wedding planning journey and haven't talked about how he proposed, I think I shall do that today. For memories' sake.

Firstly, like a typical Singaporean, he decided to apply for a flat first before even proposing to me. The flat will be another story altogether.

We planned to get engaged on Christmas Eve of 2011. I kept asking him months before the engagement, why there was no proposal?! Each time he tried to "propose" by just asking "Okay la will you marry me not?" in the middle of a foodcourt trying to decide what to eat, for example. I will say I don't want that kind of proposal. I want a proper one. Haha very shameless.

About a month before the engagement, he bought my ring but there was still no proposal so I stopped asking and forgot about it. One week before the engagement, he asked me out. I thought it was just a normal date. But he sent me this the morning of our date.

As you can see, I was very excited like a kid deprived of childhood. (The name My Beau was given to him by him. Anyhow took my phone and changed his contact name to that. -.- It's now back to his name, 'Zai'. Plain and simple haha.)

Anyway, I was asking myself "Today he wanna play treasure hunt with me ke?" Sometimes he like to randomly surprise me. So that message, followed by many messages for clues after that led me to Harbourfront.

I happened to be at Boon Lay. Thank god for GPS, my sense of direction super horrible. I was alone figuring out the pictures he sent me and where to go. I thought I was going to get lost okay because he sent me pictures of buildings. Most buildings look the same! I don't have pictures of the 'treasure hunt' cause I was alone and didn't think about taking photos while searching for clues haha.

Once at Harbourfront I went up the lift to the place where we can take the cable car and when the lift doors opened, I saw him with a box of chocolates. My favourite! Haha.

I still don't know what's the occasion. I still thought he was just being random. So we took the cable car to Sentosa and spent time at Sentosa playing some shooting game for a while before it started to rain. He bought the cable car + Sentosa tickets and a few attractions on Groupon by the way. Haha.

Because it started to rain we decided to head back to Vivo via cable car to eat. All the way in the cable car I took photos. Snapped here and there and he just entertained me. He had one hand in his pocket all the time but I only realised he kept his hand in there after everything was over, when I was uploading the photos that night. His hand was in his pocket for quite a number of photos haha.

While busy talking and taking photos, he suddenly presented me a box with a necklace inside. And popped the question! More like blurted out the question hahaha. Not on one knee though. Completely unexpected I really thought I was never going to experience a proposal. Then I don't have any stories to tell my kids. Hahaha. Why not a ring? Because he already bought me the engagement ring. Heh.

It wasn't a fancy proposal. Just a mini one which only happened last minute, one week before the engagement. But he bothered to plan one and caught me off guard, really a surprise. That's how the story goes. :)

So this weekend, we will pick up his ring! Yes the store managed to source it for us before the price increase. Yay! I don't even know why I'm happy seeing that money will fly out of my pocket faster than I earned them. :/

Right now I am thinking of the groomsmen outfit and my itinerary. I never get to finish planning my itinerary. Halfway and I will give up. Like, how much time do I need to allocate for change of outfit and photo taking? Both our wedding receptions are on the same day, can you imagine the rush. Okay, will worry about that another day.


  1. congrats on the proposal! hehe. he was nervous and not too sure of the right moment to proposed sebab tu tangan dalam pocket je eh.. hahaha

    1. Thanks! Although da basi cause this was in December 2011. Yaaa he was probably nervous haha.

  2. so nice lah and the text he sent is so mysterious and exciting seh! kalau i dapat, i terkinja kinja siak brimming with excitement! i loveeeee surprises!

    1. Hahaha yeah we all love surprises! Macam main treasure hunt gitu except that I was playing alone haha.